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Okay, guys. Here's the deal with Vertigo. She works for that chump Mr. Sinister. And she's got the LAMEST POWERS EVER!!!! Seriously, all she does is make people dizzy, sometimes to the point of puking or passing out. And yet, this D-list chick somehow got a slot in MY mega-awesome game. Then again, what video game doesn't have at least one so-called boss that's super easy to kill? Still, this one doesn't even deserve player input. I just waste her in one head-shot in a clip where I go to make her boss pay the money I lost because he killed my contract, Chance White. Of course, she later comes back tagging along with man-tits Arclight and Rogue-napper Blockbuster. And this time she actually does take controller use to waste her. But even then, one good pistol-shot is all it takes. At least the other two put up more of a fight. Vertigo stinks. Why High Moon Studios thought to include her, I have NO idea.

Powers. Edit


BUT. spite her name. this lame powered chick can hurt people MORE! (and I deadypool. mean more) in vertigo mode. she even pushed me of a pipe. with a stinky sewer (oh well, at least i have a boing a liciuous castle when i shouryuken white. and i bobsled) still. she is lame in powers

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