Venom is an alien symbiote that has had numerous hosts including Spider-Man, Eddie Brock, Mac Gargan, Flash Thompson, and originally Deadpool.

Deadpool and the current Venom, Flash Thompson are team-mates in the Thunderbolts.

Eddie Brock was a respected journalists whose career was ruined when Spider-Man had revealed the identity of a serial killer,this also destroyed the relationship with his wife and his father,in addition he had cancer


As an enemy: That idiot Mac Gargan and Normie's T-Bolts tried to kill me... EPIC FAIL

As a friend: Team-mates in the Thunderbolts with Flash Thompson, Venom's current host, not a huge fan of Captain Hero-Worship, but he has proved to be a total bad-@$$, so I will keep the jock army boy on my "do not kill" list.

Eddie (the speedo thief) Brock: Roomies in some dimension or another. Never met in the good ol' 616, but the other Venompool version of me does during Venomverse incident against Poisons led by Poison Doctor Doom (SPOILER ALERT: Turns out it was led by Poison Thanos all along in the end).


Wif Venom-Deadpool

Venom/Deadpool: What If?... #1 cover

Deadpool was bonded to the Venom Symbiote in the alternate reality of Earth-90211 as seen in : Venom/Deadpool: What If? #1 and begins to become known as Venompool.

Dead pool Note:

Yeah Turns out during secret wars I bonded to that thing but when I bonded I may have made it slightly insane and that maybe why Brock