Wade wilson(the real deadpool)

aka wade wilson

  • I live in the deadhut
  • My occupation is mercenary,comic book character
  • I am pimp
  • Wade wilson(the real deadpool)

    hi it me the real deadpool and im here to tell you that i have come up with an impossible sum of questins and here they are.

    1.what am i a cross between?

    2.whats on my to-do list in my house?

    3.why do i like chimichangas?

    4.whats my deadliest weapon?

    5 how do i capture my thoughts?

    6.who did i meet in crossmore prison?

    7.what enemy has parts of me? did they screw me up in x men origins wolverine?

    9.where do i live?

    10.what do i suck at?

    if you get all of these right you are a true deadpool fan.


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