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Hey guys! So we sent your questions out to Daniel Way, former writer of the Deadpool comic and current writer of the upcoming Deadpool video game, and here's what he had to say! Sorry if we couldn't get everyone's questions in, the man only has so much time!

Follow Daniel on Twitter @DanielKWay, and check out the Deadpool video game coming out June 25th for Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3.

  • Were you the writer (for the Deadpool game) from the start? Asked by Peteparker

Daniel Way: Yep! The original concept of the story, as well as the basic structure, was the result of a 3-day trip to High Moon Studios during which I, along with the dev team leaders, sat in a room with a whiteboard and hammered everything out. In actuality, we accomplished all of that in the first 2 days, and on the third day I started scripting.

  • How much will the game interweave with the comic storylines? Asked by Peteparker

DW: Though there are multiple nods to past events from the Deadpool comics, this game takes place in the broader Marvel Universe-in other words, it touches on multiple Marvel storylines, particularly those involving the X-Men; for example, "Mutant Massacre" and "E is for Extinction".

  • Can we expect much fourth-wall breakage? Asked by Peteparker

DW: The fourth wall is not so much broken as it is shattered. From the very beginning, Deadpool knows full well that he's in a video game. And if you don't play it the way he wants you to play it....? Well, you're going to get, um...confronted.

  • Any of Deadpool's "allies" show up? I'm talking Taskmaster, Bob, Blind Al, Weasel? Asked by DegradingSeeker

DW: Not in this game, no. Frankly, we didn't have room for them! Between the X-Men, the Marauders, Cable and Mr. Sinister-and, of course, Deadpool-there wasn't much screen time left for smaller cameos.

  • Does the Deadpool game have any serious moments? Asked by DoctorDp

DW: A few, yes...but they're cleverly hidden. Deadpool's not all that into "feelings".

  • What does the camera look like to Deadpool? Asked by SeanWheeler

DW: His biggest fan.

  • Any possibility of your return as "Deadpool" writer? Asked by Benaglio

DW: I'm down for it, but ultimately it's up to the publisher and the fans. So if you like my game, please feel free to say so. Loudly.

  • What is Deadpools reaction to Supers like Blade and Thor who are based on Myths and old religions? Asked by Komp101

DW: I think his opinion would be that hokey religions and ancient weapons are no substitute for a good blaster at your side.

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