• Pseudobread

    Hey guys! So we sent your questions out to Daniel Way, former writer of the Deadpool comic and current writer of the upcoming Deadpool video game, and here's what he had to say! Sorry if we couldn't get everyone's questions in, the man only has so much time!

    Follow Daniel on Twitter @DanielKWay, and check out the Deadpool video game coming out June 25th for Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3.

    • Were you the writer (for the Deadpool game) from the start? Asked by Peteparker

    Daniel Way: Yep! The original concept of the story, as well as the basic structure, was the result of a 3-day trip to High Moon Studios during which I, along with the dev team leaders, sat in a room with a whiteboard and hammered everything out. In actuality, we accomplished all…

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  • Pseudobread

    Hey there Deadpool fans!

    Good news, you’ve all been chosen to participate in a little Q&A with the man himself! No, its not Deadpool, but it is the next best thing, Deadpool writer Daniel Way! Having written Deadpool’s book for several years, you can rest assured that Daniel knows what makes the Merc with a Mouth tick. Daniel is also writing the upcoming Deadpool video game, which is primarily what he’s here to talk about.

    Your basic questions about the game can probablly be answered at the official site, but feel free to ask whatever you want. We’ll pick the best questions you guys submit at the end of the week, then post the answers in a seperate blog that we'll link to here. Have fun!

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