I just finished reading Deadpool kills Deadpool all the way through, and I noticed some thing. Deadpool the Kid, Venompool, Evil Deadpool, and Dead Man Wade were never shown dead, or dying.  Did they survive the confilict? Are they wandering earth 616? I know Venompool and Dead Man wade can't return to their home realities, because the AoA universe is sealed off (Plus Dead Man appeared in #3 of AoA ongoing series, but disapeared. This team must have been where he went) and Venompool's realit was destroyed. I don't know about Deadpool the Kid, but We know that Evil pool is still alive. I'm wondering if Deadpool writers are going to have a final showdown between Deadpool, and the last of the Evil deadpool corps. Maybe the Deadpool corp of earth 20110 could joing in and help deadpool, and replace his deceased team (and have Mimepool join the evil deadpool corps, so as to have a 5 vs 5 showdown)...

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