• Dreadpool2099

    I just finished reading Deadpool kills Deadpool all the way through, and I noticed some thing. Deadpool the Kid, Venompool, Evil Deadpool, and Dead Man Wade were never shown dead, or dying.  Did they survive the confilict? Are they wandering earth 616? I know Venompool and Dead Man wade can't return to their home realities, because the AoA universe is sealed off (Plus Dead Man appeared in #3 of AoA ongoing series, but disapeared. This team must have been where he went) and Venompool's realit was destroyed. I don't know about Deadpool the Kid, but We know that Evil pool is still alive. I'm wondering if Deadpool writers are going to have a final showdown between Deadpool, and the last of the Evil deadpool corps. Maybe the Deadpool corp of ea…

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