Hello! I'm Deadpool! Yes, it's really me! Yes, it really is me, the one and only Deadpool! I've been wondering...What in the name of Bea Arthur has gone wrong on this Wiki?! There's like 59 pages on this whole Wiki! Seriously, guys, I know I'm not like Superman, I'm not that popular, but I have like 4 series out now, so I think there's more than enough material to make a legit Wiki here! Example: the page for Cable on this Wiki is completely blank, except someone wrote 'hi'. 'Hi'?! Cable is the son of two X-men, he's from the future, and he's traveled through time, and his son and his evil clone or something are his enemys, and all that's on his page is 'hi'?!! Sorry, guys, I just wish someone would help me turn this Wiki around, y'know? I'll also post this on the Marvel Database Wiki to try to get some help with this Wiki! So, until next time, "Eat chimichangas, kids!"

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