The Thunderbolts are a group of villains, led by Norman Osborn. They had to kill Deadpool and eventually were led to believe to have succeeded.

However, the Black Widow, apparently in love with him, later sew Deadpool's head back to his body and Wade's healing factor did the rest.

The Thunderbolts Deadpool fought were:

Later a new incarnation of the Thunderbolts would emerge, and this time Deadpool was a member, the team Deadpool was a part of consisted of:

Deadpool and the Thunderbolts met in the following comics:

  • Deadpool #9-10
  • Thunderbolts #129-131
  • As apart of Marvel NOW! Deadpool is apart of the new Thunderbolts team along with Red Hulk,The Punisher,Elektra and Venom.                                                                                                          

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