Lady Deadpool-X-Men cover art

  So basically I find out there is a version of me in every dimension, in one I'm a kid, in another I'm a dog, in another I'm a zombie head, but in one perfect world, I am a super-smoking hot blonde who is arguably even tougher than me... Enter the girl I am reluctant to find sexy, me from another universe... Wanda Wilson, Lady Deadpool.

She was arguably the leader of the Deadpool Corps, or at very least co-leader with 616-Deadpool.

She was a member of the X-Women, an all female sub-group of the X-Men.

She seems to be far more sane then other Deadpools of the multi-verse.

She has scars but they were later removed.

Deadpool CorpsEdit

Wanda Wilson, alongside Deadpool, Kidpool, Headpool, Dogpool, and Major Deadpool is an original member of the inter-dimensional Deadpool Corps.

In the final battle with the Evil Deadpool Corps, Wanda was tragically killed, leaving 616-Deadpool as the team's undisputed leader. Only 616-Deadpool survived, leaving him, and a few members of the Evil Deadpool Corps the only Deadpools left in the multi-verse.