So I reality hop into this place called the "DC Universe" and this guy named Tommy tries to take me out. Guess there must have been a price on my head? Who can remember. Needless to say, EPIC FAIL. I wasted him. When talking things over with my other Marvel buds it turned out I was the only guy who killed someone during this incident. Venom, Punisher, and Wolverine were obviously slacking. Venom, you especially let us down, heard you fought a guy dressed like a Bat and a guy in red and blue tights and a cape, and I was the only one to have a body count? Apparently me killing this guy was kinda a big deal. Who'd have thunk it?


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Relationship with DeadpoolEdit

Hitman (aka Tommy Monaghan) was chosen as Deadpool's cross-promo enemy during Marvel VS. DC, though most fans preferred the idea of Deadpool VS. Deathstroke. Hitman was the only character killed by the other brands' hero. Deadpool VS. Hitman played out in an issue of Wizard Magazine, rather then an issue published by Marvel or DC.