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So I've got this video game, and you haven't. Isn't that awesome? It consists mostly of me doing awesome crap you can't do because I have superior strength and a sick regeneration factor. You can get one at your local video game outlet, and if you can't, then life must suck for you, huh?

Gameplay is third-person, so you can look at my perfect butt, pecs and abs (Ladies, please, one at a time) and see my expertise with both a katana and an uzi while I turn chumps into mulch. Plot? Yeah, I guess it has a plot, but why do you really need one? It's me, baby! Deadpool! Let's see...Wolverine is there, his normal fuzzy self; Cable is there with a big, cool gun he won't let me shoot; Psylocke, Domino, Rogue (Oh, Rogue...hotter'n the sun in the summertime), and of course my widdle buddy Mr. Shuggums. Mister Sinister is the chump I'm after (Spoiler alert), as well as a D-list villain team, the Marauders--y'know, Arclight, Vertigo, Blockbuster, and the bunch.oh. and on arc light's page. there is a cool list. Good luck finding it.

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