Daredevil and Deadpool soar through the city together.

Daredevil (Matthew "Matt" Murdock") and Deadpool are longtime allies. Daredevil sometimes embraces Deadpool's warped sense of humor when around him, an example being when Deadpool asks Daredevil to "give me a hand" and Daredevil hands Deadpool the hand that was cut off of Deadpool earlier. Much like Bullseye it is clear Deadpool and Daredevil's history with one another pre-dates their actual first meeting in the comics.

They teamed-up in the following comics:

  • Deadpool: Suicide Kings #2-5
  • Daredevil Deadpool '97 Annual #1 by Joe Kelly (writer), Bernard Chang (penciller) & Jon Holdredge (inker).

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